Though we love our studies, our young people are involved in more than just academic endeavors.  Whether you’re an intramural star or an aspiring artist, there is a spot for you. All students are sorted into a house when they begin their time at Saint Augustine, and students in 6th grade and older can join one of our five clubs. 

E Quattuor Unum

For our house system, we have drawn inspiration from old British schools – and, yes, a little bit from Harry Potter.  Gaudium (Joy), Praestantia (Excellence), Sapientia (Wisdom), and Veritas (Truth) are the four houses at Saint Augustine, and each family is sorted into one of the four.  Through these houses, our students compete for points in intramurals, competitions, and at the Gryphon Games. The house system cultivates community and rejoices in friendly competition. 

Student-led Clubs

Our Rhetoric School Students (9th-12th Graders) have founded and run, with help from a faculty sponsor, five clubs.  The Chess Club, Arts and Letters, The Yearbook Club, The Service Club, and Forensics give our students opportunities to creatively engage in areas beyond their studies, building valuable skills along the way.