Admission Process

Application Process

Step 1: Attend an Informational Meeting

For Informational Meeting dates, click here.

Step 2: Required Reading

Because parents at St. Augustine School are making a choice to be highly engaged in their children’s education, we ask that each parent spend time reading an essay about our model of education before turning in their application.   Click here to read St. Augustine School’s Classical, Christian, Collaborative Education by Ann Lowrey Forster.  Click here to read more about St. Augustine School’s guiding principles and methodology.

Step 3: Admissions Application

Access the online application by clicking here.  In addition to the online application, please submit the following:

Step 4: Placement Testing & Evaluation

Students applying for K4 & K5 will participate in readiness screening, and students applying for grades 1 and above will participate in entrance testing at St. Augustine.  Please bring to placement testing:

  • A copy of past standardized test results for the previous 2-3 years, if available.
  • A copy of transcript/report card from previous school. If homeschooled please fill out the Homeschool Curriculum Overview form. This will be available during placement testing.
  • Immunization records (121 Form). The state of Mississippi requires that all students at St. Augustine School be in compliance with state immunization requirements.

Step 5: Family Interviews

We will contact you to schedule an interview with parents and two of our board members.  Students entering grades 6 and up are invited to join us.  As we begin to collaborate with each family, we’d like to discuss your family’s goals and our philosophy.

Step 6: Admission & Contract

Admission decisions will be mailed after all prior steps of the admission process have been completed.  Upon acceptance, parents will receive a contract, which should be submitted along with the contract and supply fees.

Step 7: Co-teacher Training / Student Orientation

In a collaborative school, co-teacher training and student orientation sessions are essential to establish positive working relationships between the teacher and parent/student. The parent serving as the primary co-teacher will attend training designed to equip co-teachers in their role at St. Augustine.  Students entering grades 6 and above will attend orientation, and parents are encouraged to join.

2020 Enrollment Timeline

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