It is with great thanksgiving that we bring you this announcement.

David Herndon has accepted our offer to join St. Augustine School as its Headmaster beginning in June of this year.  He will be around this spring getting to know us so that he may take the reigns with as much knowledge as possible.  We are grateful to have his input as we make decisions for the 2015/2016 school year and to have his full-time leadership as we head into the summer.

As the board searched for a Headmaster candidate, we prayed for the Lord to send us someone to complement our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.  We know that God had His hand in bringing the Herndon family to us, and we are confident in David’s experience and abilities, especially in the arena of school leadership.  We know what our vision for St. Augustine is, and we believe that David has the skills to enact that vision confidently and competently.

David is uniquely positioned to join the University-Model world after serving as a public middle-school principal and as the principal of Herndon Home School where he and his wife, Jolie, have been educating their four children.  David has served in the classroom as a Math teacher, as a Teacher Coach/Mentor, an Assistant Principal, and as Principal.  He holds his Bachelors of General Science from Mississippi State, a Masters in Educational Leadership from Mississippi College, and is expecting to finish his Ph.D from Southern in Educational Administration within the next twelve months.  David and Jolie attend Riverwood Bible Church where he serves as a Deacon.  David is witty and bright and brings with him a wealth of school management experience.  He loves the Lord and is committed to the mission of St. Augustine School.

The Board will continue to work in concert with David to make decisions to further the mission of the school, as he takes on its day-to-day management responsibilities.  All five of us are thrilled to have him on the team, and the decision to extend the offer was unanimous and enthusiastic; David reports that he and Jolie feel the same way.

Join us in praising God for his provisions for us, and if you see David around, shake his hand and introduce yourself.  He looks forward to meeting each of our students, parents, and teachers. with much rejoicing,