Mission & Philosophy


Mission & Philosophy

St. Augustine school exists to cultivate excellence, wisdom, and joy by assisting parents in the education of their children, so that they may grow into a thorough understanding of God’s truth, goodness, and beauty.  

St. Augustine employs classical education as the means to gaining a fuller understanding of God’s world and promoting excellence in education. Classical education emphasizes that all truth is unified. A Christian, classical education finds that unity in the Triune God who is Truth itself. A classically educated student is trained to love truth, goodness, and beauty in God’s world and to express this love in a way that persuades others to do the same.

Classical education has as its goal a person who is equipped with the tools for learning. This education serves the child well as he pursues learning in any field throughout his life. Classical education is not a vocational training, but it will serve as a foundation to any future vocation. A liberal-arts education is the foundation of the classical approach, and it includes instruction in grammar, logic, rhetoric, math, arts, and sciences. Classical education was the education that all of our past great leaders received, and it shaped many of our country’s founders, the apologists of the Christian faith, classic authors, and great scientists.

St. Augustine acknowledges that no education is neutral. An education does not simply transmit facts, but, rather, it cultivates virtues and orders loves.  Because the only proper view of the world is one that acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord, St. Augustine makes this the foundation of all its teaching. The student is taught to see God in all subjects. The beauty of God’s design can be seen in mathematics, science, literature, and art. The student who is taught to embrace this worldview will find new understanding and delight in all subjects. Because a Christian worldview is best taught through example, St. Augustine hires faculty who embrace a thoroughly Christian worldview and express it in each of the subjects taught.

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